PROFIBUS-to-Fiber Media Converters

Industrial automation applications—especially in the power automation, Oil & Gas, and Intelligent Traffic System—require robust remote management and control systems that are able to operate all the time. System operators need a network topology that must be able to transmit data reliably over long distances at a high speed to achieve remote management. The ICF-1280I series fits the bill. These PROFIBUS-to-fiber converters extend transmission up to 4 km using multi-mode fiber, or up to 45 km using single-mode fiber. To save maintenance efforts, the ICF-1280I features Fiber Diagnosis function, system operator can easily examine fiber network communication from a single converter.

Moxa’s Solutions

Go the Distance!

  • Faster—redundant fiber ring with zero recovery time
  • Longer—extend fiber transmission up to 45 km
  • Easier—examine network-wide fiber communication from a single converter

Save at least 50% of your deployment and maintenance efforts

After a fiber Optical network is installed and terminated, it is time for testing. In the past, to check the fiber optic network, you need to do test for continuity, end-to-end loss, or communication quality by using a fiber optic inspection pen at two sides of cable. If it is a long outside plant cable with numerous nodes, you need to verify the communication status of individual fiber connectivity one by one with at least two man powers. It takes time but it is the only way to make sure the each node is good.

Moxa understands the difficulty and maintenance efforts for system users to examine and maintain a fiber connection. The ICF-1280I PROFITBUS to Fiber converters features “Fiber Diagnosis” function to save much maintenance efforts and time to examine fiber transmission quality and troubleshoot the problems.

Easy and Quick Fiber Diagnosis Function

By sending out a fiber testing signal through a simple DIP switch, the system operators can easily be aware of the fiber communication status or find out which fiber connection is broken. In that case, system operators don’t need to detect every node one by one with two main powers. One engineer with one simple action can detect the whole fiber network. Meanwhile, the ICF-1280I converters provide a fiber link monitor function that can detect communication errors on either the fiber side or PROFIBUS side. When an error is detected the corresponding LED turns red and the relay alarm is activated.

Detecting Fiber Communications without PLC Installed

The time to test the fiber connection for PROFIBUS communication usually has to wait for the mast PLC and all PROFIBUS devices are installed. The ICF-1280I PROFIBUS to fiber converters allow you to detect fiber communication quality for the overall topology from any individual converter without PLC installed. This helps you to figure the fiber communication problem earlier to speed up the fiber network construction time.