PROFIBUS-to-Fiber Media Converters

Industrial automation applications—especially in the power automation, Oil & Gas, and Intelligent Traffic System—require robust remote management and control systems that are able to operate all the time. System operators need a network topology that must be able to transmit data reliably over long distances at a high speed to achieve remote management. The ICF-1280I series fits the bill. These PROFIBUS-to-fiber converters extend transmission up to 4 km using multi-mode fiber, or up to 45 km using single-mode fiber. To save maintenance efforts, the ICF-1280I features Fiber Diagnosis function, system operator can easily examine fiber network communication from a single converter.

Moxa’s Solutions

Go the Distance!

  • Faster—redundant fiber ring with zero recovery time
  • Longer—extend fiber transmission up to 45 km
  • Easier—examine network-wide fiber communication from a single converter

Redundant Ring Ensures Transmission Reliability

The ICF-1280I series converters are designed to connect PROFIBUS devices to a redundant ring topology, with DIP switches used to easily configure the converters for “Redundant Ring” mode. When a PROFIBUS master transmits a signal from one converter to the PROFIBUS slave devices, this signal will travel to all the converters around the ring from two routs of the ring until it returns to the original converter and terminate.

In a general fiber ring structure for managing PROFIBUS devices, one of the fiber connections fails, the PLC can’t be aware of the error and enable an alarm. Most of the time, the broken fiber connection will be found when a data loss happened. The ICF-1280I series converter provides a fiber link monitoring function to detect the communication errors on both sides of the fiber connection and determine which side (Tx or Rx) is causing the problem. When a communication error occurs, a red LED status indicator will turn on and the relay alarm will activate. If a fiber abnormality is occurred in a remote fiber segment, the Fault LED will flash to indicate the abnormality is happened in remote segment. Engineers can use the fiber test function for troubleshooting.