Industrial Fieldbus-to-Ethernet Gateway Solutions

The Challenges of Managing a Large Number of
Serial Devices

Engineers often need to connect large numbers of serial devices to an Ethernet network. However, managing such a large number of network connections can be extremely time-consuming. For example, it can be particularly difficult to assign proper slave IDs/IPs without introducing conflicts among hundreds of devices.

  • Complicated network
  • Wrong setting because of
    ID conflict
  • Device replacement with
    fixed slave ID
    Can’t change fixed ID

    Managing a large number of devices is time-consuming

Segment Serial Network with Modbus Routing Mechanism

In addition to supporting slave ID routing, Moxa's MGate 3000 series Modbus protocol converters have a new feature: each serial port can be segmented by routing a TCP port, or an IP address. Physical port access can be mapped using a logical partitioning mechanism to avoid slave ID conflicts, making it much easier to manage existing devices and add new devices to the network. When using Moxa's MGate solution, the routing mechanism can be set up and managed with either a web-based or console-based user interface.