Reliable Wireless Solutions

Key Considerations for Enabling Seamless Wireless Transmissions

When taking advantage of wireless networks to enhance system efficiency, operators must be aware of many potential risks hidden in industrial environments that might interrupt wireless communications. Here's what you need to consider when choosing wireless devices.

Reliable Enough for Seamless Connectivity?

Ensuring seamless wireless connections for both Wi-Fi and cellular networks is critical to maintaining high system efficiency. For Wi-Fi technology, seamless handover time can be extremely important for mobile equipment connected to ground devices. For cellular technology, seamless connection from base station to control center needs a comprehensive solution to ensure network availability.

Non-stop Transmission Requires:

• Fast handover times when devices roam between different APs
• Redundant mechanisms to ensure that the wireless link is backed up
• Reliable connections to ensure always-on communication

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Enabling Reliable Wireless Communication for Factory Automation