Wireless Solutions for Digital Oilfields

The oil and gas industry is moving towards a complete digital oilfield to increase production and reduce downtime. As oil and gas fields often span hundreds or even thousands of square miles across remote areas, wireless networks can improve communication efficiency. Many large oil and gas companies are adopting wireless network solutions to transmit and collect mission-critical data for all of their communication needs. Reliable, high capacity wireless networks can provide the oil and gas industry with:

1. Reduced implementation time and costs
2. Increased system flexibility and scalability
3. Real-time production monitoring and data aggregation

Reliability and cybersecurity are the two major concerns for full adoption of wireless solutions for the oil and gas industry. In addressing customer needs, Moxa provides comprehensive wireless infrastructure solutions with leading network  protection technology for seamless wireless connection to diverse oil and gas devices. In addition, Moxa’s latest security routers are able to filter unsafe industrial communication protocols to protect your critical assets without compromising network performance.

Digital Oilfield Map Oil Well Pad Aggregation Sites to Center


Why Moxa?

  • Assured Network Reliability
  • Easy Asset Manageability
  • Industrial-Grade Robustness

Proven Industrial Wireless Communications

A one-second disconnection of a wireless network could trigger downtime resulting in unacceptable losses. Moxa’s industrial wireless LAN and cellular solutions use the following technologies to guarantee a reliable wireless connection:

  • Redundancy that includes dual SIM cards, two RF modules, and dual power inputs to ensure a non-stop wireless connection.
  • Power and antenna isolation to increase product lifetime and avoid interference that could compromise network quality.
  • High speed throughput with IEEE 802.11a/b/g/n WLAN standards to enable seamless data transmission.

Enhanced Industrial Network Security

Converged networks in digital oilfields are vulnerable to the same kinds of cyber threats as other networks, making cybersecurity extremely important for oilfields. Moxa’s industrial secure routers provide:

  • Protection of field assets with a firewall/NAT that can filter out unauthorized traffic and conduct deep packet inspections, without compromising network performance.
  • Secure remote access via an encrypted VPN tunnel to protect data transmitted via a pubic network to the remote control center.
  • Gigabit performance and low latency, which enables real time monitoring and CCTV surveillance applications.

MXstudio All-in-One Network Management

The complex communication devices used in oilfields present integrators and operators with many challenges when they’re installing, operating, maintaining, and diagnosing industrial networks. Moxa’s MXstudio management suite combines the following functions to optimize network efficiency and reduce the total cost of ownership:

  • Mass configuration of up to100 devices at a time reduces setup time during the early stages of installation.
  • Auto discovery of network devices and physical connections assist operators with managing and controlling all of their devices.
  • Quick troubleshooting with network snapshots that compare network and device data and highlight the differences.

Easy Integration and Management of Devices

To seamlessly integrate network monitoring tools in a SCADA environment, Moxa’s products provide the following easy-to-use, easy-to-integrate features to reduce the challenges operators and integrators face when using new devices with existing systems.

  • OnCell Central Manager enables access over the public Internet to Moxa cellular devices connected to a private intranet, making it easy to monitor and manage all of your cellular devices from a central location.
  • MGate Manager provides the automation functions needed to integrate fieldbus devices with an industrial Ethernet network in just minutes.
  • Easy troubleshooting functions, including built-in diagnostic tools and a protocol analyzer make integration easier.

Environmental Hazards and Ratings

Oil & gas facilities operate in harsh environments, and consequently, equipment and systems must be tough enough to guarantee the highest level of security and reliability. Moxa’s products support the following standards and certifications:

  • Class I District 2 and ATEX Zone 2 standards
    C1D2 certification is required for facilities located in zone 2 environments, in which gas, vapor, and mist are only present during abnormal conditions.
  • IECEx Certification
    IECEx is a globally recognized certification for equipment used in explosive atmospheres in the oil and gas industry.

Industrial Design and Extremely Stable Operation

In order to verify a product’s reliability and expected operational lifetime, Moxa’s products are required to pass a rigorous set of design and product tests. For this reason, Moxa’s products feature an industrial-grade design with the following qualities:

  • Wide Operating Temperature Range
    Moxa’s products are required to pass strict testing, including a 20-hour dynamic burn-in test, to guarantee their suitability for operating in wide temperature conditions.
  • Conformal Coating Service
    Conformal coating is a thin, even layer of non-conductive material, applied over electronic components to protect against moisture, contaminants, and corrosion, thereby increasing the product’s operational lifetime.