Unbreakable Wireless Networks

Are Your Wireless Devices Strong Enough for Harsh Environments?

There are many potential threats hidden in industrial environments that operators can easily overlook but are still extremely dangerous to wireless devices. For example, everyday factory equipment, such as motors or generators, can cause inrush current to damage your wireless device when you connect them to the same power supply. If you ignore these risks, system downtime caused by inrush current or ESD may lead to lost productivity, extra maintenance effort and costs, and increased total cost of ownership.

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Strong Dual Isolation Protection Minimizes System Downtime

Stronger electromagnetic protection can help minimize the possibility of system downtime and deliver continuous wireless transmission. Dual Isolation on the AWK-A series offers comprehensive protection that keeps system voltage stable and isolates ESD from power inputs and antenna ports. This unique built-in design not only protects your device from environmental damage, but also makes field site installation much easier by reducing unnecessary accessories. Watch the video to learn more.

See How Strong Moxa’s AWK-A Series Can Be with Dual Isolation

To prove the device reliability of Moxa’s AWK-A series, a series of tests has been designed to demonstrate the strength of Dual Isolation compared to standard isolation on other industrial wireless devices. Watch the video to learn more.

Test Video
Dual Isolation Product Family
AWK-3131A AWK-1131A