Unbreakable Wireless Networks

Is Your Wireless Bridge Reliable Enough for Mission-Critical Communication?

Industrial applications are paradoxically becoming increasingly complex as more and more critical data communications are transmitted over a single network to increase overall efficiency. In hard-to-wire applications, such as train-to-ground, offshore platforms, and cross-harbor communication applications, the converged network may even use wireless devices to replace several wired communication paths on the same subnet. If your current wireless redundancy method is not reliable enough, the whole subnet remains susceptible to disconnections if a single wireless device or frequency path fails.

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Reliable AeroLink Protection Technology Maximizes System Uptime

Reliable wireless connection redundancy can provide the most reliable wireless bridge solution and prevent system downtime from a single device or frequency failure. Moxa’s innovative AeroLink Protection technology provides a smart failover method with fast recovery time and scalability, making it easy to enable multiple layers of wireless connection protection to maximize your mission-critical system uptime and keep your entire network alive for continuous transmission. Watch the video to learn more.

Learn How AeroLink Protection Technology Enables Seamless Connections

AeroLink Protection can help you build the most reliable point-to-point wireless bridge in a variety of applications. Download the white paper to learn more about why AeroLink Protection is the most reliable wireless redundancy method and how to use it in your industrial applications.


Redundant Wireless Bridges White Paper

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