Ensure Video Always-On for Mission Critical Surveillance

V-ON video always-on technology

Prevent Security Breaches at All Times

Video surveillance can be a tremendous help in enhancing public safety and property security. During the chaos of an emergency, IP surveillance networks might fail to deliver and instead lose key images within seconds. To prevent video loss from surveillance networks at all times, Moxa introduces V-ON (Video-Always-ON Networking) technology that overcomes multicast limitations and enables layer 2 video traffic redundancy under 50 ms, and layer 3 routing redundancy under 300 ms to support non-stop security surveillance.


Ensure Always-On Video Networking

Moxa provides optimized industrial Ethernet solutions to support always-on video transfers by addressing topology design, recovery speed, and management efficiency.

Topology Evaluation
Not every network topology provides redundant paths or sufficiently fast failovers to prevent traffic loss or network errors. To deliver seamless video streaming, IP surveillance networks should choose a fast redundant ring network architecture.

Traditional Ring
Moxa's Ring
  No media/node redundancy   No node redundancy   Second-level media and node redundancy   Millisecond-level media and node redundancy  

Fast Redundancy

Moxa introduces V-ON technology to prevent video loss from layer 2 and layer 3 multicast networks. V-ON is an innovative technology that integrates Turbo Ring and Turbo Chain protocols and multicast transmission optimization to enable video always-on networking.

  • L2 video steaming recovery <50 ms for unicast and multicast scenarios
  • L3 video steaming recovery < 300 ms for unicast and multicast routing scenarios
  • Millisecond-level router redundancy


Management Efficiency
MXstudio Industrial Network Management As network scale grows, network health and efficiency become critical for surveillance systems. Fast network deployment and easy event tracking are a snap with Moxa's industrial Ethernet solutions.

Moxa offers MXstudio as a user-friendly industrial network management suite that requires no special IT skills for simplified network deployment, monitoring, and diagnosis. The features and advantages of MXstudio suite’s MXconfig, MXview, and N-Snap software are described below.

MXconfig Industrial network configuration tool MXview Industrial network management software
MXconfig offers click-and-go selection for 10-times faster mass configuration than one-by-one deployment.
MXview displays live topology views, real-time event alarms and notifications, and historic event playback for intuitive operation and event tracking.
N-Snap captures network snapshots of detailed device information for quick investigation and easy troubleshooting.
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