Ensure Video Always-On for Mission Critical Surveillance


One-Click Free Upgrade

V-ON networking technology is available by free firmware upgrade. Just like Turbo Ring and Turbo Chain protocols, V-ON is free to use on Moxa industrial-grade Ethernet switches. Surveillance customers can ensure the highest network reliability and streaming availability by reducing video downtime to mere milliseconds.


ICS/IKS A series, EDS-G500E/510E/P510 series

V-ON Enabled Industrial Ethernet Switches

  • Millisecond-level multicast data and video network recovery
  • Layer 3 routing and Layer 2 switching
  • Flexible 10GbE/GbE/Fast Ethernet combination
  • Fanless and wide temperature range operation
  • Industrial-grade reliability with diverse industry certifications
  • 5-year warranty

Model Firmware Version Release Date
Layer 2 switches
EDS-P510 V 3.6  
EDS-P510A-8PoE V 3.5  
EDS-510E V 4.1  
EDS-G508E/G512E/G516E V 4.2  
EDS-G512E-8PoE V 4.2

Available Now

IKS-6726A/6728A V 4.1  
IKS-6728A-8PoE V 4.1  
IKS-G6524A V 4.1  
ICS-G7526A/G7528A V 4.1  
ICS-G7748A/G7750A/G7752A V 4.1  
Layer 3 switches
IKS-G6824A V 4.2  
ICS-G7826A/G7828A V 4.2

Available Now

ICS-G7848A/G7850A/G7852A V 4.2  
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