Why Video Always-On

For safety-critical surveillance applications, there is no room for video loss. This is why Moxa introduces its proprietary V-ON™ technology to enable "video always-on" connectivity for mission-critical surveillance applications. V-ON™ enables millisecond-fast failover to continue video flow in case of a connection failure on layer 2 or layer 3 networks.

This technology has been remarkably effective in building a highly available surveillance network for a new transportation system in North Africa. Details of this Success Story are documented for your further reference.

V-ON application note Success Story V-ON Success Story
V-ON White Paper: Ensure Nonstop IP Surveillance White Paper
Ensuring Nonstop IP Surveillance
V-ON White Paper: Ensure Nonstop IP Surveillance
V-ON introduction video for introduction and comparison Video
V-ON™ Test and Comparison
V-ON introduction for Video Always On Surveillance Website
Ensuring Video Always-On
    V-ON symbol for video always on connectivity
V-ON Technologies

The unique V-ON™ technology is setting a new standard in fast Layer 2 and Layer 3 recovery by integrating these technologies:

  • Path redundancy:
    Turbo Ring and Turbo Chain (< 50 ms)
  • Router redundancy:
    Fast VRRP for millisecond redundancy (< 300 ms)
  • Protocol optimization:
    Layer 2 Multicast Fast Forwarding and
    Layer 3 Multicast Local Route
Performance and Availability

Moxa’s V-ON-enabled switches provide 10-GbE/GbE Ethernet links and millisecond-level failover to ensure stream continuity on layer 2 and layer 3 transmissions.

Far faster than standard RSTP, IGMP and VRRP's response time to fault, V-ON™ enables millisecond-level recovery from network failures.

Unlike hardware-duplication approaches, V-ON™ provides both unicast and multicast stream optimization - at no extra cost and with no additional devices required.

Surveillance operators can ensure the highest network performance, reliability and streaming availability by reducing video downtime to mere milliseconds.


EDS E series
Managed switches
Up to 16 GbE links

IKS series
Rackmount switches
Up to 4 GbE+24 FE or 4 GbE+24-port PoE+
ICS series
10GbE switches
Up to 4 10GbE 48/24 GbE