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Ensuring Video Always-On
Application Scenarios
Layer 2 Unicast Redundancy

Traditional Networks
Traditional ring topology uses second-level RSTP to detect and recover layer 2 connection failures.
2 to 5 seconds
video streaming recovery by RSTP
V-ON™ Networks
Thanks to Turbo Ring and Turbo Chain self-healing protocols, V-ON™ enables millisecond-fast unicast video redundancy.
Sub 50 ms
video streaming recovery by V-ON™

Layer 2 Multicast Redundancy

Traditional Networks
Standard IGMP protocol is usually used to manage multicast groups, and it takes up to 125 seconds to reconnect when a link fails.
Up to 125 seconds
video recovery by IGMP alone
V-ON™ Networks
V-ON’s Multicast Fast-forwarding Mode integrates IGMP technology to enable millisecond-fast switchover redundancy and prevents video loss once a link or node fails.
Sub 50 ms
video recovery by V-ON™ and IGMP snooping

Layer 3 Unicast Routing Redundancy

Traditional Networks
When a master router fails, standard VRRP will cause at least 3 seconds (three times hello) downtime before the backup router takes over. Even when the backup router is activated, it needs more time to learn the routing path before re-routing traffic.
More than 3 seconds
for unicast routing recovery by VRRP
V-ON™ Networks
Using unique VRRP Faster Switchover Mode, V-ON™ provides simultaneously router switchover and unicast traffic recovery within milliseconds.
unicast routing recovery by V-ON™

Layer 3 Multicast Routing Redundancy
Traditional Networks
PIM-DM (Protocol Independent Multicast Dense Mode) can detect a link/node failure and then recover the multicast traffic through PIM hello message. The downtime is up to 105 seconds during the hello hold-time. Another side effect is that PIM-DM will reflood all traffic through the assert mechanism every 3 minutes, causing high CPU loading and slow performance.
Up to 105 seconds
for multicast routing recovery
V-ON™ Networks
V-ON™ provides the innovative Multicast Local Route function for millisecond-fast failover redundancy on layer 3 multicast forwarding. This proprietary protocol guarantees high availability and high-speed performance for multicast routing applications.
Sub 300 ms
for multicast routing recovery
by V-ON™