Industrial Marine Computers and Displays

Remaking the Backbone for Your Benefit

Moxa's focus is on delivering innovative, reliable hardware solutions with integrated software automations that increase the efficiency of network deployment and design. Our computing solutions are designed to meet the strict environmental and technical computing requirements for targeted vertical markets like the maritime and marine industries. Moxa technologies provide dependable industrial solutions with dedicated after-sales services that shorten your time to market. Let Moxa sincerity and reliability help you strengthen and secure your offshore solutions, for safer, more effective industrial automation.

The ocean is hard on electronic devices, so maritime automation systems demand engineering that compensates for its peculiar wear and tear. At the same time, protecting systems against rapid obsolescence means that even relatively simple devices like Ethernet switches become a complex exercise in exacting engineering. Among the harsh ship-board elements network switches must resist are extreme temperatures, daily exposure to water, and constant vibration. Additionally, ship systems must also meet stringent reliability requirements like full redundancy and strong security, while reliably managing a heavy stream of video, voice, automation and control applications that receive constant input from large arrays of sensors and instruments.Moxa delivers switching solutions for every layer of a hierarchical network, whether at the top or bottom, edge or core, making it easy to find the right device for any marine networking need. Our marine devices carry marine certifications from DNV, GL, ABS, LR, and NK, proving our switches will perform as claimed, in the way you require.

Marine-Grade Ethernet Switches
  • A full range of managed and unmanaged switches:
    ▫ 5 to 19 ports - Gigabit Ethernet PoE and PoE+
    ▫ Modular or stand-alone
    ▫ Rack or DIN rail mounts available
  • Turbo Ring and Turbo Chain for highly resilient networks
  • Full gigabit performance for high speed network transmission

Proprietary Network Redundancy Technologies for Utmost Scalability, Reliability, and Cost Efficiency

Moxa switches offer Turbo Ring and Turbo Chain technologies to give our customers the strongest and fastest automated redundancies available on Ethernet networks. These ring technologies are paired with a full range of tough, robust maritime switch solutions designed to simplify and optimize your networks with superior availability, reliability, and flexibility, all while dropping costs on deployment and maintenance to give you substantial savings on TCO.

Turbo Ring: Enabling Ring and Media Redundancy
  • Fast fault recovery < 20 ms
  • Flexible ring topology
  • Lower total cost of ownership
Turbo Ring: Enabling Ring and Media Redundancy Turbo Chain: Simplify Complex Deployments for Better Network Redundancy
  • Fast fault recovery < 20 ms
  • Limitless expansion potential
  • Live node expansions reduce network interruptions
  • Big savings on cabling costs

Full Range of Gigabit Ethernet Solutions for High Bandwidth Infrastructure

To meet the demanding requirements of high bandwidth network communication, Moxa offers a complete range of strongly secure Gigabit Ethernet switching and routing solutions for maritime environments. Moxa's switching solutions offer up to 16 full gigabit ports suitable for delivering converged data, voice, or HD video signals in whatever capacity required. Moxa's routing solutions include full-gigabit devices with strong security features like IPSec fully-featured firewall technology, network address translation (NAT), and much more.