Industrial Marine Computers and Displays

Remaking the Backbone for Your Benefit

Moxa's focus is on delivering innovative, reliable hardware solutions with integrated software automations that increase the efficiency of network deployment and design. Our computing solutions are designed to meet the strict environmental and technical computing requirements for targeted vertical markets like the maritime and marine industries. Moxa technologies provide dependable industrial solutions with dedicated after-sales services that shorten your time to market. Let Moxa sincerity and reliability help you strengthen and secure your offshore solutions, for safer, more effective industrial automation.

Comprehensive Connectivity Solution

Moxa's marine computers and panel computers incorporate a rich selection of communication interfaces to aid system integrators and ship designers in linking marine-specific devices and subsystems. The MC-7000 series of marine computers includes regulation NMEA 0183 interfaces, giving system integrators a convenient means of connecting maritime sensors like gyrocompasses, echo sounders, and weather stations. These integrated NMEA ports simplify deployments and reduce costs in both the long term and short by cutting down on overall network complexity.

  • NMEA 0183 for Marine device connectivity
  • DVI and VGA ports support up to 3 independent displays
  • USB 3.0 for rapid data transfers
  • PCI and PCIe (x16) slots for customized expansion
Embedded Computers with Comprehensive Connectivity Solution

High Performance Fanless Design

Moxa's embedded and panel computers for marine environments have been designed for easy incorporation into Integrated Bridge Systems, particularly with respect to power and temperature demands. Moxa computers put high performance Intel Core i7 processors at the center of fanless, rugged designs that deliver fast, reliable graphics or rapid number-crunching processing in whatever combination the system requires.

Moxa’s fanless design:
  • No compromise on board design: Moxa’s thermal design is system wide, making the computer system more reliable across the board
  • A centralized CPU means that heat is evenly dissipated in three directions, increasing dispersion efficiency and adding physical component capacity
  • Heat pipes at the front and rear dissipate heat with much greater efficiency than fans
  • The rugged thermal design guarantees the computer will operate without any worry of crashes from overheating—even when under turbo boost!
Embedded Computers' Fanless Design