Industrial Marine Computers and Displays

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Moxa has prepared a selection of four case studies demonstrating how our computers, switches, and displays for the marine industries are being put to practical use. These studies demonstrate how Moxa devices are increasingly being adopted by global maritime solution providers for a wide variety of end users. Read on to see how Moxa solutions are forming the core hardware for maritime solutions, whether for the open sea or coastline support.

Dynamic Positioning System (DPS)
October 15, 2013
Dynamic Positioning System

Maritime vessels and platforms working in deep ocean waters are able to stay in a single surface location thanks to dynamic positioning systems (DPS). A DPS is constantly sensing, calculating, and adjusting for the effects of water, wind, and wave on a vessel's position, and so require powerful computers capable of rapidly processing large data clusters in real time. In this case study, we discuss why and how Moxa's marine computers are employed in a widely used DPS.

Deep Well Pump System
August 26, 2013
Marine Deep Well Pump System

This technical case study examines the electronic components in a cutting-edge deep well pump system, with particular paid to the main processing computers. It presents a detailed overview of the specific hardware roles that must be filled, showing why Moxa's embedded computers were chosen as key components while also indicating a variety of other Moxa products that may be used to construct similar systems.

ECDIS Navigation System
MAY 07, 2013
ECDIS Navigation System

The Electronic Chart Display and Information System (ECDIS) for marine vessels is a computer-based navigation information system that became mandatory for all new vessels in July of 2012. According to regulations imposed by the International Maritime Organization, ECDIS will eventually become the primary navigation system on all ocean-going vessels traveling international waters. See the ECDIS Navigation System technical study to learn more about the Moxa's
ECDIS solutions.

Oil Spill Detection System
MAY 23, 2013
Oil Spill Detection System

This is a technical case study reviewing the specialized marine hardware components that make up an oil spill detection (OSD) system. In it, we give a general overview of the requirements that industrial computers must meet to effectively serve these specialized systems, and indicate the peculiar elements of maritime technical environments that an OSD computer must operate in.