Marine Computers, Displays and Panel Computers

In an engine room, usually located in an Unattended Machinery Space (UMS), processing power is not the key requirement for computers or panel displays. The real challenge is for these devices to operate in the harsh environment, where dust and constant high temperatures can put a toll on delicate electronic components.

For an off-the-shelf computer or panel display, with a fan for cooling, the operating temperature is only between 0 to 60°C. This does not satisfy the requirement for engine room application. In addition, when system cooling depends on a fan that is prone to failure, system reliability is in question.

It takes expertise and experience to design fanless computers and panel displays with efficient heat dissipation capability to operate in the harsh conditions of an engine room. Coupled with stringent component-level tests using an advanced thermal simulator (such as FloTherm CFD) will help ensure that a dependable computer or panel display that is up for the job.


Product Highlight

MC-7270-MP-T Marine Computer
  • -40 to 70°C wide temperature feature for reliable operation in harsh environments
  • Fanless design to minimize maintenance efforts
  • NMEA 2000 port support
MD-219 Flat Marine Display
  • IP54-rated front panel reduces risk of damage due to dust build-up
  • Intuitive multi-touch display enables quick access to information