Marine Computers, Displays and Panel Computers

Advances in automation and remote control technologies have enabled ship builders to locate facilities in Unattended Machinery Spaces (UMSs) and minimized the need for manual operation. As the command center of a vessel, the control room is tasked with the control and monitoring of these facilities.

At the heart of the control room is the computers, which face the challenges of processing large data volumes and ensuring system reliability. In addition, these computers must support multiple independent displays for cost savings and be solidly designed to withstand rough sea conditions.

Two key features of a high-performance marine computer are compact and fanless designs. In a control room with limited space, the compact design frees up precious real estate and makes device installation easier. Although it helps to dissipate heat generated in a computer, a fan needs maintenance. Any failure in the fan might impact the safe operation of a vessel. Thus, a fanless computer with an efficient cooling mechanism is ideal for long sea crossings.


Product Highlight

MC-7270-CP-DC-T Marine Computer
  • Intel i7 CPU for high-volume data processing
  • Compact design to ease installation in control rooms
  • Efficient fanless cooling feature for system reliability
  • DVI-D interface for three independent displays
MPC-2190 Marine Panel Computer
  • Compact and fanless designs to reduce installation and maintenance efforts
  • IP54-rated front panel reduces risk of water damage
  • Dual AC/DC power inputs suited for all vessel types