Integrated Passenger Information Solution for Rail

A Passenger Information Systems (PIS) is a powerful investment in the future for any existing railway. Bringing increased safety, convenience, and satisfaction to every passenger, an efficient PIS not only makes the passengers’ trips more convenient and effective, it can also be used to provide important information to both passengers and drivers.

Technical Challenges for Operators and Integrators of Refurbished Trains

To achieve the full integration of all onboard passenger information systems, train operators need an onboard controller that reports the status of train doors, HVACs, compressors, brakes, lights, and other key parts of the train’s infrastructure. These reports must be made in a way that helps maintenance engineers identify potential problems in a timely manner, not only to reduce maintenance effort, but also to provide better overall availability and a higher quality of service. For refurbished trains, system upgrades are usually done by system integrators who specialize in reusing or repurposing as many of the existing legacy systems as possible—to maximize both savings and interoperability.

Key Considerations for Refurbished Trains

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