MX-AOPC UA Server Trial Version

We want to make your life easier, so we are offering you a 30-day runtime trial version on the house. You can use it for connecting up to 30 devices!

Available Versions

  • Trial version: 30-day trial version that supports up to 30 device connections (now available for download from Moxa’s website)
  • Free version: Free version that supports up to 30 device connections, with unlimited runtime operations (download trial version first; requires registering your PC User Code* on Moxa’s website at
  • Paid version: Unlimited device connections and runtime operations (requires purchasing a registration code from Moxa)

How to obtain a PC User Code

1. Select the Help menu from MX-AOPC UA Server, and then click Licensing > License Info
2. After registering, save the license file to your PC.
3. Unzip the file and then import it into MX-AOPC UA Server from Help > Licensing > Add License File